Welcome to urtalk

We are pleased to announce the launch of urtalk, a radically different way of recording and publishing your talks and presentations. How often have you looked at plain slides or lenghty youtube videos and wondered how you wish you were there at the event to experience the original presentation? Do you miss the rich visual cues and media used in the talk? How much time have you spent seeking back and forth in the videos to locate the precise point of your interest? Have you wondered whether this experience can be improved significantly, and that too without any authoring effort?

Urtalk delivers a significantly engaging user experience while viewing the recording of your talks. These recordings are called kapsules and are much more than slides or video. kapsules are interactive and let you view the media the way you wish. They are automatically indexed and fully searchable, saving you precious time in look up talks and jumping straight to location of interest.

For an example of how talks are published using utalk, click here to view the kapsule about DNA Microarray Analysis. You may browse all available talks as well.

urtalk team will record and publish your talk for free as long as your talks are shared publicly with everyone. For more details, please look at the About and FAQ pages.

We intend to cover many interesting events in the Pune and Bangalore region to start with. So watch this space as we publish more of your talks

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