Making toys from trash: A fascinating talk by Arvind Gupta

Is it possible to build simple scientific toys from everyday material? Can kids be exposed to scientific principles through inexpensive toys which they can build themselves? Watch this fascinating talk by Arvind Gupta about Making toys from trash at the IITBAA Pune Chapter event held at PYC.

Arvind Gupta
is an Indian toy inventor and populariser of science. “Gupta began his social service by teaching the children of the mess staff who had no opportunities for formal education he developed his idea of creating simple toys and educational experiments using locally available materials as well as items usually thrown as trash. These simple toys, he found, fascinated children and Gupta went on to make these as the hallmark of his movement of popularising science. He works at the Children’s Science Centre at IUCAA

Want to watch specific toys in the video? Watch the same video here on kpoint!

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