Emotions and Neuroplasticity – how our brain works

Watch Arvind Pendse’s talk about Emotions, Neuroplasticity and how we interpret world around us.

Emotions: What are emotions? Why are they there? Are they universal or culture based? What is Emotional Quotient? How important is it? Can we improve EQ? Can we regulate and control emotions? Can we conquer anger and other negative emotions, addictions and impulsive behavior? Two levels at which reprogramming could be done to regulate formation of emotions and their effect on our actions. Our personality is nothing but our emotional make up. How much of it is inborn? How much of it is genetic? Can we really mould our personality?

Brain Plasticity: Part of the answers of questions raised above are in knowing how plastic our brain is and how much can we change it? What are some of the techniques? Principles behind the techniques like meditation. Interesting actual examples of change in brain network would be discussed. Any discussion about what is changeable and what is not changeable would be incomplete without understanding how and to what extent our genes control us.

Mistakes in interpreting world around us: Some interesting examples of how we are genetically and evolutionarily programmed to commit mistakes in interpreting world around us. Understanding of these natural tendencies can help us avoid these mistakes and lead more rational life.

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