urtalk lets you capture and share recordings of your talks as rich multimedia presentations. Move over from staid old slides or video to a visually rich, interactive and automatically searchable format (called kapsules) to publish your talks! For an example of how talks are published using urtalk, look at the sample below…

urtalk is powered by kPoint platform. kPoint enables effortless and automatic creation of rich multimedia presentations (kapsules) from your talks, and enables easy sharing of these kapsules over social media platforms, along with advanced usage analytics and statistics about user interaction with kapsules.

For more information about kPoint, or to evaluate kPoint, please lookup kPoint website.

How does it work?

  1. Contact urtalk and let us know about the event, talk or conference proceedings you wish to record
  2. We will use the following criteria to decide whether to capture the event:
    1. The event is of wide professional interest; wide interest refers to interest beyond one company or organization
    2. The talks in the event use Powerpoint (or other business documents),  in addition to audio and video
    3. The event location has the appropriate infrastructure (Please see FAQ for details on infrastructure)
    4. urtalk team is comfortable with the logistics associated with the event
    5. urtalk team is available to capture the event
  3. Your talk will be published on urtalk.com within two days, for viewing by all.

Why should I host my talks on urtalk? Why is this better than sharing slides or youtube videos?

  • urtalk kapsules are far superior to conventional documents or videos. The kapsule shows multiple media like audio, video, slides, screen sharing and other media simultaneously and in a synchronized manner.
  • Further, a kapsule is interactive and viewers can view it like they want.
  • It is automatically indexed, enabling viewers to precisely locates areas of interest in your talk.
  • You may also embed the kapsule in your web sites similar to youtube.

For more information about kPoint, please lookup kPoint website

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