I wish to record and publish my talk using urtalk. What do I do next?

  1. Contact us in advance and let us know the time and venue of the event. We currently provide this service in Pune and Bangalore, India.
  2. We will use the following criteria to decide whether to capture the event:
    1. The event is of wide professional interest; wide interest refers to interest beyond one company or organization
    2. The talks in the event use Powerpoint (or other business documents),  in addition to audio and video
    3. The event location has the appropriate infrastructure (See next question)
    4. urtalk team is comfortable with the logistics associated with the event
    5. urtalk team is available to capture the event
  3. We will show up at the event with a laptop and handycam, record your talk and publish it for viewing by all.

What infrastructure do you need to record my talk?
Please provide space for a laptop, handycam and a power connection.

What format is my talk recorded in? What type of content can be included in my talk?
All talks are published in a format called kapsule. urtalk kapsules are rich multimedia presentations viewed in a browser, and can incorporate various media like

  1. Spoken audio/video (captured through mic, webcam or handycam)
  2. Slides with annotation
  3. Desktop sharing
  4. Media files (ex. Youtube video, mp3 audio, etc)
  5. Whiteboard drawings (with a tablet or mouse)
  6. Speech transcript (optional: added later manually)

What is a kapsule?
Kapsule is the format in which all the talks are published. Kapsules can be viewed on any browser.

How will you capture this content during the event? Please give me details.
We will bring a laptop and a handycam at the venue. You will be provided a small lapel mic, which should be used by you to record audio into kPoint. There are two ways we can record your talk.

  1. You can either use our laptop to present your talk. We use a Windows 7 laptop, with MS-Office, PDF Viewer, and most of the commonly required tools and applications.
  2. Else, you can provide a copy of your slides (PPT, PDF, doc, text, etc) and media to us at the venue. We will load these in the kPoint application and use these to generate the recording (with transitions being in sync with your actual presentation). These slides/media will be deleted as soon as the kapsule is created; i.e. within 5 minutes of completion of your talk.

Who owns the IP for your talk hosted on urtalk?
You own the IP for your talk. You will need to permit urtalk to host the kapsule for public viewing.

Is my content protected?
Viewers can only watch your talk by streaming it to their browsers. The kapsule cannot be downloaded nor is the original content (slides etc) preserved.

Can I browse or search all talks published in urtalk?
Yes. Please point your browser to urtalk.kpoint.com. You can also search precisely within talks based on slide text, bookmarks, speech transcript if available, queries, etc.

Why should I create an account on urtalk.kpoint.com?

  • Once you have an account, you can bookmark kapsules as well as ask queries to talk owner.
  • Get alerts when content related to your interests is published
  • If you own any talks, you can see detailed analytics about viewer behaviour about how they are watching your talks, answer questions from viewers, etc.

I want to capture my talk on urtalk, but not share it publicly. Is that possible?
No. The urtalk service is provided free only for those talks which are public, and viewable by all without any restrictions. If you need finer control over sharing, or use it for commercial purposes, please consider signing up for a commercial kPoint account. More details at kPoint website

Can I capture my talks on my own, without requiring your team to visit my event?
Yes. A full-featured, limited-time free trial account for kPoint is available at demos.kpoint.com. Please signup to give it a spin! You may create a kapsule on your own, and request us to put it up on the urtalk.com website.

Please note that we review the content and only those contents that fit with the purpose are allowed to be posted in Urtalk. Therefore, please do get in touch with us even before you create the content for intention to put it in Urtalk.

Can I use urtalk for events outside Pune or Bangalore?
Our service is limited to Pune and Bangalore region currently. Please watch this space as we roll out this service to more cities. Meanwhile, you can capture your talks on your own as mentioned above.

Why is the urtalk service free?
urtalk intends to be the platform where interesting talks and presentations are available freely, with quick access and searchability. It showcases features and ease-of-use of the underlying service kPoint, which is available for commercial use.

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